Availability and requirements to use of CBS-miRSeq pipeline


Project name: CBS-miRSeq: a robust comprehensive bioinformatics pipeline for microRNA expression profiling by next generation sequencing.

Developer: Rupesh Kumar Kesharwani

Download link:

Source code:         

User manual:        

Test data:              

Virtual Machine:

Operating system(s): Linux/Unix.

Programming language: Bash, Perl and R.

Other requirements: Fastx(v0.0.14), FastQC (v0.10.1),, cutadapt (v1.6), Bowtie (≤ v1.0), featureCounts (v1.4.6), samtools (v0.1.18), bedtools (v2.23.0), miRspring (v1.2),  miRDeep2 (v2.0.05), RNAhybrid (v2.1.1), miRanda (v3.3a), bioconductor packages (> v3), bfast (v0.6.5a).

License: GNU GPLv2.

Any restriction to use by non-academics: None

Contact information: In case of any query or feedback, feel free to contact Dr. Rupesh K. Kesharwani ( /