Co.Re. – Cognitive Rehabilitation system

Co.Re. is a system for the automatic generation of patients-personalized exercises based on an ontology of stimuli (words, images and sounds).


an advanced system supporting continuous monitoring of T1DM patients



project aiming at the development of a decision support system for prevention of falls for the elderly in a home environment. This project is founded by the Lombary Region


Models and simulation techniques for discovering diabetes influence factors


Guiding Patients Anytime Everywhere.


INtegrated HEart Research In TrANslational genetics of Dilated Cardiomyopathies in Europe.


Cardio Repair European Multidisciplinary Initiative.


a smart guide towards the diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis.


Fighting cardio-vascular diseases by preventive lifestyle & early diagnosis. Application: Stroke Rehabilitation.

Spread Care

A workflow management system to evaluate the utility of the guideline in the clinical practice (in collaboration with TSD-Projects).


This project aims at establishing an infrastructure for implementing computer-based guidelines for health care delivery improvement.

The Italian Network for Amyloidosis

Web-based Health Service Flow Management System

A serviceflow management system to manage intra and inter-organizational processes for the treatment of chronic patients.


A Laboratory for studing NLP and intelligent dialogues in health. HomeNL processes natural language, interprets sentences by reasoning about their meaning on the basis of a medical-knowledge representation and responds coherently.


Adaptive Dialog and Runtime Engine: a framework supporting research and fast deployment of advanced spoken dialogue systems

E-HEART Failure

A guideline-based shared care through a computer-based cooperative system for the management of heart failure (customization of the Guide Project Environment)


Home care through intelligent dialog systems: advanced speech recognition technology for the home care of hypertensive patients


Servizio di cura sostenibile per pazienti diabetici residenziali e mobili, con l’obiettivo di migliorare la qualità della cura del paziente facilitando la comunicazione paziente-caregiver.

Progetti di Bioinformatica

Vari progetti di bioinformatica e data mining